When we had the opportunity to purchase this 675 square foot condo as a short sale, I knew that with some smart choices and decor, we could definitely fix this place up and potentially make some cash.  We spent about 5,000 in renovations and sold it in one day.

This taupey color is cozy, modern and looks great with accents of blue and green.

 Since this was a first floor unit, it was important that I did not draw attention to the lower ceilings. Hanging the curtains at ceiling height made the room look taller. I chose a double rod with two layers of sheers to maintain privacy but let light in. 

 Storage us a major concern in a small unit, so anywhere you can add storage is a plus, The closet you see in the photo used to be an opening in the wall. I added wire shelving and an inexpensive bi-fold door to conceal the stuff inside. I painted it the same color as the trim and it looks like it was always there.

Believe it or not, this vanity is larger than the previous one, (and taller!) and it actually makes the space look bigger. Space efficiency is key in a small bathroom. the previous toilet was enormous, so we gave it away for free and replaced it with a small compact one. The wall cabinet adds more concealed storage for toiletries.

Larger tiles are key in a small bathroom to make it look bigger. The lighter color helps brighten the cozy wall color. With a small space you can go for an nicer tile since you don't need that much.

The builder basic laminate kitchen counters were replaced with granite tile which is much cheaper than slab, and looks nicer with a wood edge. Window valances make the windows look taller than they actually are. 

This tall bar table shows that you can have a table in the kitchen. The pot rack saved tons of space in the cabinets and guessed it, more storage. We installed a dimmer switch for the overhead recessed lights to create ambiance at night for entertaining.

With two adults, we knew that the closet space would be tight.  I designed a more logical closet layout make the most of a tight space, and my dad and husband-well mostly my dad- built it for less than a hundred bucks in supplies. The panel doors added some character-and make it look less condo-ish. 

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