Friday, September 11, 2015

The Corner Office Update

Remember my corner office? It's not finished yet, but it's making progress so I thought I'd give you an update of where it is at!

In life, some rooms evolve as your needs change at home.

This loft space has definitely changed its purpose since we moved in two years ago. It started as a sort of guest living room/TV/piano room, and is now being transformed into my office/studio. The TV went to the man cave (it was too close to the other one anyway). The piano is now in the guest room.  There is a long chaise sofa that has to stay, because people sleep on it when they visit. It has to go where it is because it literally does not fit anywhere else. Believe me I have tried.


Desk area now (in progress)

I have since upgraded the small white desk to a larger IKEA Malm desk with a the pullout. I wanted to do a sort of corner desk to utilize the space, but this allows me to sit on the corner when I work, but still utilize the one significant wall I have in this room. I'm hoping to make a large linen pin board to go over the desk, and add some fun desktop accessories.

The other half before

the other half after

Here's kind of the long view:

Not very exciting but the former clutter is gone and at least it's clean. I'd like to add a glass coffee table, and an accent chair to make more of a seating area and conversation zone. I'm hoping to replace the basic builder mushroom light with something like this:

or maybe a cool vintage chandelier... not sure yet. I am also looking to brighten things up with a lighter paint color, and maybe add some chair rail to section off the corner and paint an accent color below. I'm a big fan of chair rail because to install it you only need to be able to draw a 
big straight line.

So a work in progress, but it now at least it feels like an intentional work space. I even have my own bathroom! 

Do you have any rooms that have "evolved?" Feel free to share some photos and ideas!

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